Make up removal

Makeup removal is important to maintain a flawless skin. Most women use water and tissues to remove makeup but today we cannot afford to be so callous about something so important to skin.

Always use a Bi Phase Make Up Remover with the correct proportions of oil and water that’s capable of removing all traces of waterproof, oil based and long stay make up with ease. It should leave no smudges, tears or oily residue. The ideal make up remover is one that contains Vitamin E & Pro Vitamin B5 that makes the cleansing process non-irritant and adds elasticity to the skin.

Here’s the way to do it right:
* Shake the bottle well before using the remover to ensure that all layers mix properly
* For Lips —Moisten the cotton pad and gently dab over the lips
* For eyes —Move the moist cotton pad over the closed eyelid in a downward and outward direction
* For under eyes —Move the moist cotton pad in an upward and outward direction to remove all traces of under eye make up. You can also move the pad from the outer corner of the eye inwards to remove traces of make up.

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