“Who decides what I can and can’t do?” Parineeti Chopra on the Armaan Malik Sonakshi Sinha controversy

“Who decides what I can and can’t do” – Parineeti Chopra on the Armaan Malik – Sonakshi Sinha controversy

Sonakshi Sinha has a tacit supporter in Parineeti Chopra who feels anyone including actors have a right to sing even if they are not trained to do so. Parineeti Chopra, a trained singer herself and also a star in her own right, gives a befitting reply to the whole controversy regarding stars turned singer that started when singers Kailash Kher and Armaan Malik objected to the trend of stars crooning songs.

Says Parineeti, “When I am acting, no one has a problem. When I am dancing no professional dancer has complained. When I crack a joke, I haven’t heard any professional comedian complain. I wear designer clothes but fashion designers don’t have problem and when I do action the stunt persons don’t raise an objections. Then why this hue and cry about actors singing?”

Parineeti who is a trained singer and of course a recognized actor is all set to pursue her musical inclinations seriously.  She says, “Singing is an integral part of the entertainment experience. I feel we all need to know a bit of everything to be complete entertainers. And I want to know more about the singer in me.”

So is Parineeti saying everyone, regardless of calibre or capability, has the right to sing?

“Right to sing?” she shoots back. “I don’t think that’s even a question we should be asking. Are we saying that if I am an actor I should only act in a film? Who decides what I can do and can’t do? Going by the logic of only trained singer singing, models can object to my wearing designer clothes. And I shouldn’t do any action since I am not a trained stunt person. Only body-doubles should do my stunts. I mean, where does this discussion end? And why are we having this discussion?”

Parineeti has had the final word on the subject.

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