Jacqueline Fernandez snubbed & insulted by Justin Bieber’s team?

OMG! Was Jacqueline Fernandez snubbed & insulted by Justin Bieber’s team?

As more and more details from Justin Bieber’s catastrophic concert in Mumbai emerge, it becomes horrifically clear that, apart from blowing the mandatory kisses at shrieking crowds, Mr Bieber was not the least interested in Mumbai and his fans in India.

Not only did Mr Bieber insult his fans by pretending to sing on stage, it now emerges that he showed scant respect even for Jacqueline Fernandez, a celebrity in her own right, who was selected to play Mr Bieber’s unofficial hostess during his fleeting visit to Mumbai.

According to a friend of the actress the Bieber experience was a “nightmare” for Jacqueline. “She wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near him by his security staff. At first Jacqueline found this overprotective entourage’s dismissive attitude to be cute and amusing. But then the snub got to her. And she firmly but politely reminded Bratty Bieber’s security that she was to help him around Mumbai and to ensure he gets to the venue of the party that was planned after the concert,” says the source.

This is when Jacqueline Fernandez got her worst jolt. Apparently, Bieber’s team rudely informed Jacqueline that their lord and master was neither attending any party after the concert nor was he interested in going sightseeing in Mumbai.

Dejected and angry, Jacqueline had no choice but to leave without even a handshake with the dummy….sorry demi-God.

Now a huge question-mark hovers over all concerts in India featuring international artistes. Must the organizers and the audiences tolerate a multitude of demands, tantrums and rebuffs just because some Billboard Badshah condescends to descend on our humble shores?

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