Sanjay Dutt’s Naam inspires Kunal Kemu’s Blood Money

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Sanjay Dutt's Naam inspires Kunal Kemu's Blood MoneyBhatts are in news for bringing on floors the maximum number of franchise films. However, the promotion of their non-franchise film, Blood Money, gives an indication that they may have been inspired by their own Naam.

“Sanjay Dutt’s Naam was about a young man who went abroad for better job prospects and ended up being a party to underworld crime. It was a novel theme then, and pretty topical too. Directed by Mahesh Bhatt, the film exposed how youth was being misguided in it’s quest for quick money. Now Blood Money too has a similar theme, though it has today’s setting to it”, informs a source.

Backed by Mahesh Bhatt, the film has Kunal Khemu as the central protagonist who migrates to South Africa due to a lucrative job offer but ends up finding himself in the middle of an organised white collar crime syndicate.

“Promos of Blood Money have pretty much made clear that the film has similarities with Naam. Just like Paresh Rawal there, it is Manish Choudhary who gets to play the role of an employer who indulges in dubious dealings related to the business of diamonds. Kunal Khemu gets trapped and by the time he realises that he is in deep waters, it is way too late”, the source continues.

Expectedly though, the actor denies the storyline of Blood Money to be the same as Naam though he does add that audience may end up drawing some similarities.

“We are not saying that Blood Money has a story that has never been seen before. Perhaps people may end up drawing similarities in a scene or two. However, it is not inspired from any film, be it Naam or something else”, says Kunal, “We have tried to keep it as original as possible though let me add that at the end of the day, this is a commercial film with drama, songs, action etc.”

He adds with a smile, “It is still okay that you are comparing it with Naam. There are others out there who are even calling it as a remake of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Blood Diamond just because we have ‘blood’ in our film’s title and illegal business of ‘diamonds’ in the synopsis. However, the buck stops there. That film was set on a warfront of sorts whereas we are dealing with the corporate world. Now how is it possible to compare the two?”

Well Kunal, given the fact that it is Bhatts at the helm of affairs here, we tend to believe that anything is possible.

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