Amol Gupte’s Sniff!!! has India’s youngest jasoos and this one is Sunny, not Jagga

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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It was as good as eight months ago when the teaser of Amol Gupte’s Sniff!!! was unveiled. It had made a cute little impression and intrigued audience well enough to check out what would be in the offering once the film would be set for release. Well, now that there is just a month more to go for the film’s theatrical arrival on 25th August, the promo has been unveiled. If those two and a half minutes are indication, finally, there could well be a concept based film that would find manage to find traction amongst audience, especially the young ones.

“The film comes from the house of Eros International’s Trinity Pictures’ and this is their first offering in the franchise,” informs an insider. “The messaging has been very clear around the film; this one is for the kids and there is no attempt being made to camouflage it as anything different. Amol Gupte has his ethos well in place when it comes to making films and that was apparent in the writing of Taare Zameen Par as well as subsequent feature films like Hawaa Hawaai and Stanley Ka Dabba. Each of these films has seen a child as a central protagonist and Sniff!!! is no different.”

Well, where the film is indeed different is the happy space that it finds itself in.

“Yes, this is also the most entertaining of them all with a heart-warming appeal,” our source adds, “Taare Zameen Par was the story of a dyslexic kid and was emotional to the core. Hawaa Hawaai was about the win of an underdog who came from a humble background. As for Stanley Ka Dabba, it was a largely heavy hearted affair that told the story of an underprivileged kid. It had a painful climax that hit you hard.”

In comparison, Sniff!!! promises to be a smile through affair of a Sikh kid (played by Khushmeet Gill) who doesn’t have a pivotal sense of smell, only to emerge as country’s spy superhero once he gets special powers that make him rise above the ordinary.

“The promo has taken the film to the next level in terms of revelation around what Sunny’s character stands for,” an observer comments, “Once he gets this superpower of enhanced sense of smell, it turns his life upside down. Now it is time for him to fight crime, solve cases and catch thieves just with the power of sniffing around!”

Guess there is a new ‘jasoos’ is town and goes by the name of Sunny instead of ‘Jagga’.

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amol gupte’s sniff!!! has india’s youngest jasoos and this one is sunny, not jagga


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