Multiple releases for Bollywood actors this October

October 2009 would go down in the history of Bollywood cinema as the month when maximum number of stars had more than one film of theirs releasing in a single month. As of now, there are 10 films which are confirmed for October release. Do Knot Disturb and Wake Up Sid clashed with each other on 2nd October. Acid Factory was the sole biggie on 9th October though smaller films like 3 Nights 4 Days and Love Ka Tadka have also managed to sneak in. Current week is the biggest ever week of this year with Blue, All The Best and Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna getting into a battle royale. There is some peace in store on 23rd October with no film slated to arrive. However, there is another big clash in the offering on 30th October with Aladin coming face to face with London Dreams. Now let’s have a look at the how some of the most prominent cast members would be seeing multiple releases in weeks to come. Beginning with Riteish Deshmukh, he is one of the leading protagonists in Do Knot Disturb which began the month for him. However, he would also end the month with his title role portrayal of Aladin. Sohail Khan is also seen in a small role in Do Knot Disturb though he is the second lead in his home production Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna. On the other hand for Lara Dutta, this would be the biggest month of her career ever since she debuted with Andaaz since she was the centre of attraction as ‘Bebo’ in Do Knot Disturb. And now, she is painting the town Blue as the sole leading lady. Coming to Acid Factory, this ensemble film featured quite a few actors sharing screen space.

For Fardeen Khan, the film was special for more than two reasons. Not just that it brought him back with his Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena director Suparn Verma, it also featured him as a macho star. Its quite some image turnaround for him now though, since All The Best sees him putting his comic hat on. Things intensify this week as Sanjay Dutt has a double bill in the form of Blue and All The Best. Enjoying the best of both worlds, he would be mixing action with comedy between both the films. That’s not all as a fortnight down the line, he would be seen as a lovable villain a.k.a. ‘The Ringmaster’ in Sujoy Ghosh directed Aladin. In this regard, he would be the only leading actor in 2009 who would be seen in three major films as a principal protagonist in a single month. Ajay Devgan too won’t be having a breather for the most part of October. While he is going all out to promote his home production All The Best which also features him as a leading man, he would also be seen in London Dreams where he would be working in a Vipul Shah film for the first time. The film also features Salman Khan who is already riding high on the success of Wanted. However, before the arrival of this musical, Khan features in a musical romantic drama Main Aurr Mrs Khanna this week. In nutshell, this is how the current scenario looks this October: Salman Khan – Main Aurr Mrs Khanna and London Dreams Sanjay Dutt – Blue, All The Best and Aladin Ajay Devgan – All The Best and London Dreams Riteish Deshmukh – Do Knot Disturb and Aladin Lara Dutta – Do Knot Disturb and Blue Fardeen Khan – Acid Factory and All The Best Sohail Khan – Do Knot Disturb and Main Aurr Mrs Khanna Take your pick!

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