Why Courageous Akshay Kumar supports Padman, a film on sanitary napkins?


Akshay Kumar stood up for women in the recently released film ‘Toilet-Ek Prem Katha‘ and people are lauding it. He is also backing ‘Padman’ a film that highlights the contentious issue of sanitary napkins. Prernaa Arora of Kriarj Entertainment in an exclusive interview with Faridoon Shahryar spoke about

You guys have also come up with the poster of ‘Padman’ recently. It is film that is again a wonderful initiative. Yet another film which Akshay Kumar is backing like anything and it is commendable that he has chosen a subject that is so woman centric!

A large credit goes to Twinkle Khanna for this because it’s her idea. She has written it. It is her presentation, it is by her company. And we will be presenting it along with her, and she happily came on board. Whatever subjects Akshay sir is choosing now, he is taking a lot of conscious effort. Whether it be Airlift or Rustom, there is a lot of conscious effort. He is always talking about soldiers, army, women protection, Akshay Kumar is actually like that.

Absolutely and the commendable part is that he is actually going ahead and doing that. And the fact is that if you improve upon the social fabric of the country, the country raises itself. The number of women having access to sanitary napkins in India is shocking actually and due to this film people are actually getting to know about this issue.

It is shocking; even I still don’t believe that he has the courage to make such a move. It’s a very bold move. As an actor he is talking about sanitary napkins which women themselves don’t talk about! It is such a shy topic. Jis cheez ke baare mein koi baat nahi karta tha unhone khudi uss cheez ko country ke samne laake khada kar diya.

Do you feel that it will create some sort of awareness? I do agree with you that women should feel more about this topic. And women are made to feel as if something is wrong with them if they are having periods, how they are stopped from entering religious places. It is such a sham. 

Big time. Padman will definitely fetch a national award and this is a very big global cause and this is a story of someone who actually attempted this. I think this will be a very big film and in fact it is. And if Toilet works right which I am hopeful that the country will accept it and believe me then people will have more belief in such a subject and people will come out. Then women would also be happy with the fact that ki jab Padman aaegi ek bahut bada awareness aa jayega.

One more important thing is Balki, the director. He is known to present his stories in a quirky manner. It is extremely important that these films are entertaining too! Balki presents his stories in a very quirky entertaining manner. He also has a knack for writing stories in a very quirky manner. 

Absolutely Padman mein Balki sir has added the quirk and he put a texture. I think Balki is an asset and he is the maker of Padman. Unhone is film mein apni skills ko beautifully istemaal kia hai. And yes he is an asset for the film.

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