Gujarat elections over, Padmavati not to be certified before January

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

15-Minute blackout across Indian film industry to protest against Padmavati protests

For the Padmavati team which was hoping to get a censor clearance after the Gujarat elections there is disappointing news. Sources at the censor board say there are no plans of viewing Padmavati this year. Says an important source from the CBFC, “There’s no way Padmavati can be certified before January. December is almost over. We have not scheduled the film. There are at least 40 feature films in different languages waiting in the queue before Padmavati.”

The source further informs that Padmavati has “unnecessarily complicated its case” with an ambiguous disclaimer in its application for certification. “We now have to appoint a panel of historians to view the film because according to the disclaimer the film is partially based on historical facts. The content will now have to be scrutinized for authenticity.”

The CBFC source says all of this is a time-consuming exercise. “It’s year-end. Some board members are on holiday. Some have called in sick. Forget about appointing a panel of historians we don’t even have a normal Examining Committee to view all the films.”

This CBFC source says Padmavati is a long way from release. “Even by conservative estimates the film won’t be certified before the second week of January. And I don’t think they can release the film before April-March. That is, provided the CBFC clears the film without any objection.’

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