Dear haters, stop trolling Janhvi Kapoor for celebrating her birthday days after Sridevi’s demise

No matter how imperfect or flawed the society maybe, the general consensus is that at least we are better than these Bollywood wallahs. The members of the industry, especially the actors, are seen as immoral, insensitive and narcissistic who think they are above everyone else and don’t care for anyone else other than themselves. This totally incorrect perception came to the fore recently when trollers went all over the internet and ‘expressed shock’ over Janhvi Kapoor celebrating her 21st birthday on March 6.

Dear haters, stop trolling Janhvi Kapoor for celebrating her birthday days after Sridevi’s demise

The grouse of these people was that Janhvi’s mother Sridevi had passed away just 10-11 days ago. As a result, Janhvi ideally shouldn’t have celebrated her birthday. Hence, they descended in huge numbers and started criticizing her, especially after a picture posted by Anshula Kapoor showed Janhvi and other family members all smiles and posing happily. They asked how Janhvi can do such a thing and that she doesn’t have respect for the departed soul. Ironically, many of these people must have also shared insensitive jokes surrounding Sridevi’s sudden demise in the bathroom and spread rumours of her dying due to drug overdose.

Coming back to the main point, how long is a person supposed to grieve after a family member passes away? How long before someone can again start moving on and do leisurely or happy things which one used to do before? Well, all this depends from person to person. Some take weeks, months and even years to come out of mourning. Some people come out of the state in a few days. And there are some who still can’t come to terms over the irreparable loss but they feel that feeling dejected over it is not going to make things better. They decide to move on slowly. Janhvi Kapoor and her family belong to the final category. There’s no doubt that Janhvi is still finding it difficult to face the fact that her beloved mother, who was her biggest support, is no more. Sridevi had no history of illness and was one of the fittest persons around. Her leaving for heavenly abode was a shock to all of us. So imagine what Janhvi must have gone through. At the same time however, Janhvi, papa Boney and others realized that grieving on her darling daughter’s birthday is not a good idea. It was a good opportunity for the entire family to finally have a reason to smile after the hellish 10 days. And hence, they decided to celebrate Janhvi’s big day.

Dear haters, stop trolling Janhvi Kapoor for celebrating her birthday days after Sridevi’s demise

And one is also supposed to be take into account as to the manner in which Janhvi brought in her 21st birthday. The picture indicates that it’s an intimate family gathering with Janhvi indulging in customary cake cutting. That’s it! There’s absolutely no evidence of Janhvi going clubbing, getting sloshed, playing loud music till the wee hours of the morning etc. That would have been unfair. Here, she is just celebrating in a nice, simple manner. Moreover, she also visited an orphanage and spent time with the children, as she used to do every year on her birthday. Obviously, this noble gesture was conveniently ignored by the critics.

Sridevi always cared for her daughters and her world revolved around them and their happiness. It would have pained her to see her daughter not celebrating her milestone 21st birthday for whatever reasons. And also, as aforementioned, it all depends on the person. There are some people who might not feel like celebrating just days after the demise. And this should be respected. But if someone wants to have a small intimate party, then there’s nothing wrong or immoral about it either.

6 years ago, Anupam Kher’s father passed away. During his condolence meeting, there were no sad songs played. In fact, Anupam Kher recalled funny anecdotes, even adult jokes pertaining to his father’s life! Check out the video and you’ll see the attendees having a good laugh over the experiences shared by the veteran actor. This condolence meeting took place just 3-4 days after the demise. Again, certain sections would have had issues with such a gesture. But then, each person has a way of dealing with the loss. Instead of lambasting Janhvi, let’s be a pillar of support to her. Let’s be happy about the fact that she is gradually and nicely moving on. Showing your anger and contempt for the big bad world of Bollywood can wait!

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