Guruji Mohan Khan pays tribute to Mehdi Hassan at a concert

Mumbai: Guruji Mohan Khan, a Mumbai based ghazal singer, has paid tribute to the late legendary ghazal maestro of the subcontinent Mehdi Hassan on July 14th. At a concert held in Mum,bai, Mohan ji paid homage to the departed ghazal maestro at a concert. Guruji was the disciple of Mehdi Hassan and misses him a lot. The news of Mehdi Hassan’s death shook him thoroughly and he turned sad. Thus he decided to pay tribute to the king of ghazal by singing his most famous ghazals at the concert.

Mohan Khan always followed Mehdi Ji and he knew him since 70s but in late 80s he became his disciple to learn the skills of ghazal singing. Sharing his thoughts on the visits of Mehdi Hassan in India, Guru Mohan reveals that in the eras of late 70s and 80s, Hassan ji used to visit India regularly and sing at the concerts where his followers and lovers would sit around him to listen him and learn the singing from him. He further tells that Mehdi Ji would visit his home and discuss the nuances of the art of ghazal singing. He used to give him tips to improve the singing by adding harkat and babat etc.

At a concert held at Leela Penta (now Hotel Leela), Hassan asked Mohan to sing during the second half of the show. Mehdi Ji announced there that during the second half his shagird (disciple) Mohan Khan would sing. Listening this all at once, Mohan Khan got shocked, surprised and even tensed since the prominent names from the music world were present at the show.

He remembers the advice of Mehdi Hassan that the raga’s purity should always be maintained. Mohan Khan says that Mehdi Hassan’s feeling for the poetry was what registered big impact on him and other followers. The ghazal maestro would always give Mohan tips while listening his singing.

At the concert, which was held to pay tribute to Mehdi Hassan, Mohan Khan sang Mehdi Ji’s most famous ghazals such as Ranjish Hi Sahi, Ab Ke Hum Bichchde, Mohabbat Karne Wale and Zindagi Mein Tho Sabhi Pyar.

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