Justin Bieber: Don’t Drive A Chrome Plated Car If You Don’t Want To Be Followed!

Money and success are quickly turning Justin Bieber into an arrogant spoiled teenager who feels he is above the law. He started out pleading for fame on the internet and now that he got his wish, he takes it for granted. Recently he got aFisker hybrid sedan from Ellen Degeneres, and had it chrome plated – we can only IMAGINE how it reflects the California sun into other drivers eyes. No stranger to paparazzi, Justin was driving his new car on the freeway when he noticed several vehicles full of photographers following him. Not threatening him, just quietly FOLLOWING him. What did he do? He called 911 to report to police that he was being “chased.” Imagine wasting the 911 emergency workers’ time with THAT! (Isn’t that a crime?) Justin also stepped on the gas until he was speeding at between 80 and 100 miles per hour and started darting in and out of lanes in a crazy joyride, supposedly trying to lose the paps, while endangering the lives of other drivers. Let’s clear this up: photographers follow celebrities, hoping to catch a shot when they arrive somewhere. There’s a big difference between following and being CHASED with a threat or a weapon. Justin is behaving like a petulant and egocentric child star. Maybe that’s why Selena Gomez seems to be cooling off toward him.

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