20 Years Of Hrithik Roshan in Bollywood Exclusive: “I am very proud that not just 100%, he puts in 110% to achieve his goals” – Rakesh Roshan

Today marks a historic day. It’s a day that we celebrate not just 20 years of the brilliant entertainer Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, but also 20 years of superstar Hrithik Roshan in Bollywood. The Greek God debuted with this flick on January 14, 2000 and became an overnight sensation. He saw an instant popularity that very few newcomers get to see with their debut movie. Moreover, the actor managed to sustain his career very well. He did give a few flops but these were outnumbered by hits.

20 Years Of Hrithik Roshan in Bollywood EXCLUSIVE “I am very proud that not just 100%, he puts in 110% to achieve his goals” – Rakesh Roshan

Thankfully for Hrithik, he has entered the 20th year on a rocking note. Last year, his two films released – Super 30 and War. While the former was an atypical and unconventional entertainer, the latter meanwhile was a full-on masala actioner. And both films did extremely well. Many had apprehensions about the box office outcome of Super 30. However, it crossed the Rs. 100 crore mark and won loads of love and appreciation. As for War, it was the biggest hit of 2019 and was a success from Day 1.

On this joyous occasion, Rakesh Roshan, the father of Hrithik, and the one who launched him in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, talked exclusively to Bollywood Hungama, about the superstar’s excellent journey in Bollywood. He said, “He’s an extraordinarily talented boy and I am not saying this because he’s my son. But he’s very hard-working. He doesn’t take things for granted. He works for it. I am very proud that not just 100%, he puts in 110% to achieve his goals. Aur yeh kaamyaabi uski mehnat ka fal hai. Koi koi picture aise hi chal jaati hai. Iski film chalti hai kyunki isne mehnat ki hai. See any of his film – you can feel that this actor has given his blood and sweat. Khaali oopar oopar se dance karke kuch actors ki film chal jaati hai but that’s not in his case. He’s a deep-rooted actor.”

A grouse that a lot of fans and industry people have is that Hrithik does fewer films. Super 30 came 2 ½ years after his previous flick, Kaabil. On this, Rakesh Roshan justified, “That’s a good thing (that he is doing lesser films). When you see an actor on a regular basis, his span reduces. I was an assistant in a film called Sunghursh (1968) which featured Dilip Kumar. One day, we both were sitting in the editing room and he asked me, ‘Puttar, what do you want to become?’ I replied, ‘I actually want to become an actor but am not totally sure.’ To which he told me, ‘Remember, whichever field you are in, especially the artistic one, the lesser work you do, the more you’ll sustain’.”

Rakesh Roshan than went on to state why he completely agrees with Dilip Kumar, “If you do more work, it’ll get exhausted very soon. So say, if your span is 40 years, you can finish that off in even 5 years! Or you can stretch it to 40 or even 50 years! Similarly, as a director, if I make 10 films in 10 years, my ideas and creativity will get exhausted. Look at Raj Kapoor, he made only 14 films. But what films he has made!” He signed off by saying, “There are successful films and there are deep-rooted films. The latter is more important (than the number of films).”

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