Ram Gopal Verma scares people

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Mumbai: The rumors are making the rounds of the entire media and the web is abuzz about Sunny Leone’s entry into Ram Gopal Verma’s upcoming third installment of Bhoot. But Ramu disapproves the rumors saying Sunny is not the part of the film since she is a sex symbol and his movie is a vivid symbol of horror. Well, behind Ramu’s saying so is some another story. The fact remains how much he was crazy after signing her up but when the things did not happen, he issued the statement like this. Anyway these sorts of things happen in the industry. Leave them.

The sequel to Bhoot, Bhoot Returns is ready to hit the screens all over on 12th October and even before the release of the sequel, Ramu has started making the waves about the third installment of the film. So quick….isnt he?

The third installment of Bhoot will be made on a contest. The scene is like this Ram Gopal Verma has announced a contest. In a special video shot especially for this purpose, the leading character of the film Alayna Sharma (who plays Nimmi in the movie) asks all and sundry to share a story laced with paranormal occurrence. If the story qualifies, it will be used in the film – the movie will be made on this script.

Ram Gopal Verma says the third sequel was already on his mind thus it is not a quick decision. He utters that you can make endless movies on horror subject since this subject is much wider. Ramu says he likes to scare people and people would love to be scared thus he will continue making movie on this genre.

Let’s wait and see who wins the contest and become a proud owner of the script of the Ramu’s Bhoot 3.

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