Bhoot Returns is not out of the box – Chakravarthy

Bhoot Returns is not out of the box - Chakravarthy

'Once a Satya, always a Satya' – That could well hold true for Chakravarthy who for certain reasons has seen an image of him as a silent-n-brooding gangster stuck with him for 15 long years. Now that he is returning to the Hindi film arena with Ram Gopal Varma's Bhoot Returns, he promises chills, thrills and some stunning visuals galore.

'It is so good to see you back again' – I am sure that's the common sentiment that you would have been evidencing in every interaction so far, isn't it?
(Smiles). Yes, of course, though I have to tell you something. See, people thought that I would work only in Ramuji's films. Yes, I have worked with him in 27 Telugu and Hindi films but then I have worked with others as well. However there was this preconceived notion that I was busy down South and hence won't be available for Hindi films. In fact I remember bumping this reputed filmmaker in Mumbai who said that he wanted us to come together for a film but thought that I was available only for Ramuji.

Well, 'der aaye durust aaye'. From the promos of Bhoot Returns it is clear that the film is about a girl who has been possessed by a spirit. Do you wish to elaborate on the plot?
Yes, the girl has been possessed but then that's just a part of the film and the whole. There is another part to the story as well. For starters, there are paranormal activities happening all around for the family. Also, a lot has come in due to the way Ramuji has gone about presenting the film. From the technique perspective, you would see RGV of Satya and Sarkar days. Like for example the kind of long takes that he takes, hence resulting in an intrigue or scare factor, s prominent all over again.

So can we expect something really landmark in the making with Bhoot Returns?
If I say that, it would be utter nonsense! The film is certainly not out of the box or has the kind of story which has never been seen before. All I am saying is that every horror film is an experience where the objective is to scare audience. Ramuji has his own idea of scaring people and he has massively succeeded in doing that.

I am sure the child actor Alayana Sharma would be a huge contribution factor to this scare factor as well, isn't it?
Aah, now what can I say. She is simply a born actress and just outstanding. The good part is that she behaves her age. Otherwise you know there are kids who are 5 year old and talk like a 10 year old. Some may be 10 year old and behave as if they are 20. That becomes really annoying but thankfully that was not the case with Alayana. Good for Ramuji, he was saved from being totally exasperated. After all, it is a known fact that he doesn't like kids. If Alayana would have been one of those irritating kids, it would have been Ramuji’s turn to get scared instead of trying to scare audience.

Bhoot Returns is not out of the box - Chakravarthy

So how scared were you while shooting for the film? Did you actually manage to switch on and switch off once the shot was taken or were there some scary nights for you as well?
Initially it was fun and all. However after I had shot for the film 6-7 days and Ramuji's narration started turning more and more intense, I definitely got scared. In fact while we were shooting, I also got to know that a couple had actually committed suicide at the same place where we were shooting the film. It may just have been coincidence but I was psyched up for sure. I couldn't actually sleep normally and a couple of times did get spooked.

Guess spooky is anyways in. Huge success of Raaz 3 has shown that so your comeback to Hindi films is seemingly on the right track, isn't it?
Yes, I totally agree. It indeed sounds good that these kind of films are working today. As you rightly said, people have started accepting more of such genre based films, so that's great news indeed. I am so happy for Raaz 3 as well since Vikram (Bhatt) is a dear friend.

Now that you are being seen on the big screen, can we expect you to stay on and being seen much more often?
Once bitten twice shy (laughs). This time around I definitely want to be around. It has been a long wait but with Bhoot Returns, I am back for good.

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