Police complaint lodged against KLPD makers

The makers of the Vivek-Mallika starrer must be cursing their fate for having named the film KLPD (which stood for Kismet Love Paisa Dilli), whereas the 'actual' abbreviation is quite known to one and all. Even though the film did not live upto the expectations, it really lived upto the well-known abbreviation of 'KLPD'. If the B.O. fiasco wasn't enough, the film's presenter Raju Shah has alleged that producers Amit Chandrra and Kishan Chaudhary have failed to pay him the dues that included a principal amount and an additional interest of 12 per cent.

On October 11, YT Entertainment (who presented KLPD) filed a police complaint against Chandrra and Chaudhary alleging that the producers owed their company a minimum of Rs. 2.6 crore. Speaking about this, Raju Shah (of YT Entertainment) said that they had no alternative but to take the legal route. He added that he was the Negative Right holder (the presenter); he had funded the film with Rs 3.6 crore and for which he was supposed to get 12 per cent interest on his principal amount around the time of the film's release. He added when the cheques given to him bounced, he tried calling Chandraa and Chaudhary, which yielded no results. A few days later, even though he received Rs. 1 crore, a wholesome amount of Rs. 2.6 crore, plus the 12 per cent interest was still pending. He said that, even though he doesn't know how much money the producers made or lost in the film, he wanted his money back plus the 12 per cent interest also, as he funded the film simply because he wanted the additional money.

On the other hand, Kishan Chaudhary, who refused to have any connection with the ongoing matters, said that he doesn't have anything to do with the bounced cheques and it was Amit Chandrra who had signed those cheques which YT Entertainment could not encash.

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