My mother and Hirooji got along well over cards – Sid Malhotra Part 2

Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth Malhotra is not a household name, not yet. But everything about this towering personality sitting opposite me shouts – 'I will soon be every girls pin-up'. As of now, it's a beautiful time for Sid. Not because he is a big movie star or not because he is debuting in a Karan Johar movie. He is at a time in his life where his future is unpaved but open. He has that hungry look in his eye; that of an actor who knows his time has come even if he can't quite admit it yet. While that's true, Malhotra now looks like one of Bollywood's brightest prospects. With Ekta Kapoor welcoming him to Balaji as a promising actor, we know where Sid's graph is heading. Not that it came easily. Sidharth is trying not to look like who he is. I meant, the character he plays but he does come across as a middle class guy with a great fashion sense and even better looks. Sidharth Malhotra isn't Ranbir Kapoor or SRK or even Imran Khan for that matter. Getting where these men are isn't simple. But he has something of that throttle. The desire and the need to be someone popular. Someone who commands respect. Someone who has a crazy fan following. Part of getting there involves shedding old ego. Part of it is timing, and an audience that wants to believe in your transformation. But yes, I have to admit that Sidharth is compulsive at times because he is on the cusp, this very moment, of becoming one of the men that women today could tell their granddaughters about. Presenting to all you beautiful women out there – Sidharth Malhotra in this no-holds-barred Part 2 special. As for men, start working out in the nearby gym. Try your luck!
Devansh Patel: Aaah! Look what I found on Twitter. So here you go Sid, the limelight is all yours – "Hey, come hug me, come kiss me", "Australia loves you – Abhilasha".
Siddharth Malhotra: Ok, this is where it all goes mad (laughs)
DP: You think so?
SM: Yea! But come on, tell me something bad now. I'm sure there is some criticism.
DP: You want me to be honest?
SM: Yes!
DP: There's none.
SM: Don't lie.
DP: I'm not lying. But once the movie is released, make sure you are ready to take it in stride.
SM: I really feel that I am a bad dancer. I mean, I seriously couldn't dance. It was tough. Singing too, when it came to lip-sync. But in scenes, I am waiting for people to see it. I am restless.
DP: Twitter fans are liking you already! Loving you, unconditionally.
SM: But till that examination result does not come out, I am still nervous. Then we'll see who sticks by me (laughs).
DP: We all know Varun's eccentricity. Talk to me about his vulnerability.
SM: I broke his nose on the sets. It was an accident. We changed angles and there was a miscalculation. He started bleeding. I was in the car with him. We were giving him chocolates and I knew he is a filmy kid. I asked him, "What do you want bro?" He answers, "Yaar, please put on the radio man!" That's Varun. He is vulnerable like that (laughs).
DP: There is always this ego battle between two leading actors. Any that you faced?
SM: It's passe now! We are more of friends and less of competitors. We aren't doing the same role. We are two different characters. SOTY is about our friendship more than the love story between us and Alia. It's not about who gets the girl. No!
DP: So what do you cherish the most when it comes to friendship?
SM: SOTY talks about how friendship takes a back seat when you are working. It's relatable. In fact, my friends are complaining right now that I am too busy to give them time. I am so mentally exhausted that I don't feel like talking to my parents also. Sometimes I lose patience too (laughs). Friendships take a toll, always, at some point or the other.
DP: You were good in studies back in school / college?
SM: I was very bad in studies. I played a lot of different kind of sports. I used to play Rugby. In Delhi I used to work in a very 'desi' gym and the trainer was a Rugby player. He got me in that sport and I was just seventeen / eighteen years. Lucky, I didn't break my nose (laughs).
(Suddenly the song 'Disco Deewane' starts to play in KJo's cabin)
DP: People are still of the belief that SOTY is a mix of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and Mohabbatein.
SM: No yaar! All that is wrong. The film isn't about sports alone. The film doesn't end when the competition ends. You'll have to wait and watch.
DP: And you will pass out with distinction?
SM: We've given our hundred percent as actors and technicians. Karan has given his two hundred percent but at the end of the day, the audience will give us our report cards on October 19. So let's see. Keeping my fingers crossed.
DP: What does your gut tell you?
SM: Well, SOTY is definitely not my best I'm sure. There is always a progress. People keep asking me what I will be doing next. I myself don't know but I will do everything that shouts – good. SOTY is definitely special if not my best.
DP: Tell me something about Hiroo Johar. She is stands like a pillar for KJo, doesn't she? Your interactions with her?
SM: She's hardly a producer when you talk to her. She is so protective. She knows I don't have a family here. So she keeps asking me about my food and my stay and all. My mother and Hiroo ji got along well over cards. Yes, believe it or not. Both love playing cards.
DP: That's like Vicky Donor. Both women got along well over whisky.
SM: (laughs) Lucky, they don't drink. I have to tell you that Karan Johar gets his humour from Hiroo Johar.
DP: That's interesting. Ok, now how would you rate Alia, in which order – cute, beautiful or sexy?
SM: I think she is cute and sweet.
DP: Oh come on! Get the word out Sid!
SM: (laughs) Ok, I think she'll still take some time to be sexy but she is beautiful, no doubt about that. I met her first when she was giving school exams. I was feeling like a pidophile (laughs). I told Karan, 'You can't do this Karan' (laughs). She is nineteen years now. But I guess Alia is more confident and lot mature than what I was when I was nineteen.
DP: What is Alia's forte? What did you learn from her?
SM: Alia didnt have any experience. But she doesn't need that extra bit of explaination. Alia catches on to the words and makes it her own. I have to ask Karan about cinematic liberties. With Alia, she just gets it.
DP: Look at the burden you guys are carrying. It's like a 6 year old carrying heavy bags to school. I mean, tomorrow you will be linked with some actress, then some gossip, etc. Welcome to Bollywood Sid!
SM: Thank you (laughs). SOTY doesn't feel like our first film we've done. For the first five days, everyone was on you and on the sixth day, the tone changed. Confident galore on sets and thanks to all the crew and Karan Johar. Everything is new and we still don't live in denial. I don't want to be – 'Mujhe sab kuch aata hai'. I want to learn and I am ready. I like the burden as long as it makes me stronger. No Pain, No Gain, huh!?

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