Ahead of the Fantasia X album, here’s everything that went down in all of the trailers Monsta X has dropped!

It's the season of comebacks and some exciting music is coming up! South Korean group Monsta X is set for their next comeback in May with their album titled 'Fantasia X'. Ahead of the album launch, they have released individual trailers for all the members – Shownu, Hyungwon, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Jooheon, and I.M.

Ahead of the Fantasia X album, here's everything that went down in all of the trailers Monsta X has dropped!


The first trailer kicks off with the multi-talented Hyungwon who receives a set of keys that has 0514 engraved on it which is Monsta X's debut date. Walking through the dark alley, he reaches a phone booth where he receives a call before it is dropped and the singer disappears. Here begins the mystery! It seems like the Clan era meets the 'Middle Of The Night' phonebooth.

Fans can always decipher the universe but it seems like he is going back in time. Maybe 'Fantasia X' is the new alternate universe. In the music video of 'Follow', Hyungwon is seen walking into a portal at the end of it as the members followed him. Maybe, it was this universe they were entering. It feels like this could be another zone where they face several obstacles together and come out stronger than ever!


In this chapter, the group's leader Shownu makes his appearance in the black and white trailer. Shownu is sitting in the car, observing the surrounding. As soon as he comes out of the car, he gets a call and picks up. He is also seen holding the key which is similar to the one Hyungwon was seen holding in Chapter 1. It's raining in the background as he gets into the car before he disappears. Since the theorists have already established that 'Fantasia X' acts another alternate dimension, the moment he used his car keys, the time started to go back which means he is traveling back in time. The reason 'Gasoline' seems to be fit here is that Shownu was the one who started the fire in 'Alligator' music video. Well, it just a theory!


Joohoney breaks into an antique store in the trailer. He is seen rummaging around trying to find something that is very important. He finds a box with several keys before he runs away to hide since the security guard comes in for a regular check. Interestingly, he holds a device that looks like a lighter, and the moment he flips it, time seems to have stopped, he smiles, grabs the key, and leaves the store! Their debut date 0514 and Fantasia X are engraved on the keys. While all this time, Hyungwon was the one controlling time, maybe this comeback, two people might be able to do so. It also has a callback to 'Dramarama' so maybe this might be a wrap up of the era.


Well, you'd think the theory of time travel would stop here but it ain't over. As it turns out, even I.M can stop time too. It couldn't get more elegant than the rapper sitting at a bar, having his drink while looking out for something. Two men are having a conversation with a newspaper in their hand when I.M removes the lighter that we witnessed in Joohoney's trailer too. He freezes the time by flipping the lighter, takes the newspaper to read, and walks away not before unfreezing the time.

Interestingly, the first line in the newspaper reads, "Truth and false surrounding the hidden treasure' 'X'", followed by the second line "A seed of tragic destiny" and third part "A treasure of tragic fate". There's a picture of the keys at the bottom which resembles the one Joohoney took, Shownu used to open his car, and Hyungwon had at the telephone booth. Only time will tell!


The spotlight is on the vocalist Kihyun this time. He walks into a room while trying to call someone on the phone. Going through the room, he comes across a photo with has their debut date MX O514 and Fantasia X written on it. The image has keys on it with "a treasure of tragic fate" written underneath it. The phrase was previously seen in I.M's trailer. He is engrossed in deep thought with a teammate by his side who looks like I.M. Interestingly, he also has a key wrapped around his wrist and it seems like he has figured out how to control time. He puts the key in a device as the clock rotates back, the door opens and bright light is witnessed with someone's silhouette. Maybe, he resets the time.


The series of trailers end with Minhyuk! He is seen entering what looks like an abandoned warehouse. He comes across an old wall clock, reaches out to his necklace, and removes the keys from it before putting it in the clock. The time starts to turn back! This also proves that the trailers were not in order but in reverse. This could maybe mean that Minhyuk turned back time to meet Kihyun who was already with I.M at the moment. It looked like the same room but in the future, maybe! The W on Minhyunk might represent upside down of M which stands for Monsta X. Since they all found the keys, now they are trying to find Hyungwon who got lost in time. But, this just still a theory!

'Fantasia X' will be unveiled on May 11, 2020.

Monsta X, last, released their first English album called 'All About Luv' that had collaborations with Pitbull and French Montana. The album dropped in February, this year.

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