Bad Boy Billionaires – Aamir Khan as Nirav Modi, Pankaj Tripathi as Subroto Roy: Here’s who could play these roles in a cinematic adaptation

Nearly everyone has watched Bad Boy Billionaires' India version. Although it doesn't have the Ramalinga Raju episode as the legal battle is still not over, the other billionaires who laundered money are Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya and Subroto Roy. Critics are divided over how the series fared because it took a safe route in narrating their tales of ambitious excesses, greed, borrowing and not paying. They even tried to paint a 'poor' side of these spendthrifts in a bid to be fair.

Bad Boy Billionaires - Aamir Khan as Nirav Modi, Pankaj Tripathi as Subroto Roy: Here's who could play these roles in a cinematic adaptation

Despite not delving deeper into the reason behind them being notorious, the three episodes have enough fodder to lend themselves to three different movies. Yes, if fictionalised, the Netflix show could make for highly dramatized biopics on these billionaires. We in fact have a few people in mind who could do a superb job at bringing these characters on screens with great panache. Let us tell you who and how!

Vijay Mallya – The King Of Good Times
Actor: Nivin Pauly

Vijay Mallya's story is all about hiding behind glamour, gloss, and lavishness. The life he leads is something we all aspire but the path he chose to get that is not any of us believe. You need an actor who can light the screen with the conviction of a man who just wanted to live life grandly with global ambitions, by hook or by crook. We have a few names for the same. Dutt has proved he can be a glorious villain with the likes of Khalnayak, Agneepath, Panipat and many more. He even has the structure to suit Mallya's look. Add a bit of flamboyance and some wild partying ways, we think Dutt will be in a fairly real territory to portray the character.

Nirav Modi – Diamonds Aren't Forever Actor: Aamir Khan

Nirav Modi who grew up in the quite closed diamond merchant industry believes going global means opening up stores everywhere, at whatever cost. It's the latter part that led to everything going bust. To play this shrewd businessman gone astray, Aamir Khan could be the right fit. We all know that man is a perfect actor. He gets into the skin of the character and becomes the person he is portraying. While Aamir hasn't played too many characters with grey shades, this could be the right opportunity for doing that.

Subroto Roy – The World's Biggest Family
Actor: Pankaj Tripathi

These are good times when filmmakers have excellent talent at their disposal to choose from. They don't have to stick to the usual suspects and can look beyond stardom to sail through. Hence, for Subroto Roy, we pitch Pankaj Tripathi. Why? If you remember Subroto Roy's many media appearances, he came across as a sweet-smiling, smooth talker with a very reassuring presence. Of course, all that was a ruse. Tripathi has a natural ability to add calmness to any character even if it's a wild one. Remember Gangs Of Wasseypur? He can even get that smile of Roy perfectly.

This is what we think and your names could be completely different. So surprise us and tell us who do you think would be best to play these roles in a cinematic adaptation of Bad Boy Billionaires.

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