Post Khiladi 786 Asin has signed no film

What does an actor do after enjoying a success rate of over 80% in the film industry? Well, sign some more films and as the adage goes, 'make hay while the sun shines'. This isn't what Asin is doing though, despite five of her six Bollywood releases turning out to be successful. Instead, she has chosen to just step back and take a break.

"For starters, she has not signed even a single film, whether in Hindi or any other language. Anyone else in her place would have kept at least a couple of projects as a backup. However even before the release of Khiladi 786, Asin had taken the decision to step aside for a while", says a source close to the actress.

Understandably, after enjoying a good record in Hindi as well as South cinema, she has now declared that her role has to be really substantial before she green-lights a film.

"Hits with Aamir, Salman, Akshay and Ajay are more than welcome but then she isn't a newbie who has to continue being in films that are centered mainly on the male leads. She may not yet be asking for an out and out female oriented film to be planned around her but even in a quintessential hero-heroine film, she has to spread her wings further now. Till someone comes to her with a meaty role, she is staying away. Neither does she wish to get repetitive nor does she want to do a part just for the sake of visibility", a friend of Asin adds.

Apparently it was this very thought process that Asin had adopted immediately after Ghajini had become a monstrous success and turned out to be country's first 100 crore blockbuster. Since she had an author backed part in the film, she took a good nine month break waiting for something even more substantial before eventually deciding to go with the flow.

Says Asin, "At that time people said that since this is Bollywood, one has to keep the pace on while going with the flow. I thought that chalo let me try and do that. This is why I did Ready, Housefull 2, Bol Bachchan and Khiladi 786. However I do think that I have done all of it. About time that I pick on something that gives me meat to perform. Till then I am fine not doing anything else."

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