Pakistani TV Artists Protest Against Non-Pakistani Dramas

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Pakistani TV Artists Protest Against Non-Pakistani DramasPakistani drama artists and producers have shown their great resistance against the increasing non-Pakistani content being broadcasted on our national and private TV channels, through protests.

Pakistani drama industry is recognized for its influential and astute drama serials worldwide but during recent time, the growing influx of Indian, Turkish and Spanish dramas, dubbed in Urdu is destroying its production. As a response, with the support of United Producers Association, number of Pakistani drama artists, and producers protested against such foreign content at the Lahore and Karachi press club. They demanded Pemra and federal government to take immediate action against broadcasting of such programs and dramas on local TV channels.

Famous drama actors like Mustafa Qureshi, Qavi, Abid Ali, Bushra AnsariFaisal Qureshi, Humayun Saeed, Saba Munir, Samina Ahmad, Usman Peerzada, Firdos Jamal, Maria Wasti, Ghulam Muhiuddin, Shaukat Ali, Sardar Kamran, Irfan Mughal, Rashid Mahmood and many others did the protest along with chairman of UPA, Rashid Khawaja.

All these artists asked for banning the non-Pakistani films and dramas dubbed in Urdu language particularly Indian and Turkish dramas on Pakistani TV channels. They were also holding the slogans of “say no to cultural invasion” and made a peaceful protest walk.

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