5 Tips To Help You Stop Breast Feeding And Start Weaning

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Parenting is something that every couple dreams of but parenting can be very challenging if the kids turns out to be very naughty. Parenting requires a lot of patience and persistence but teaching a baby to switch from breast feeding to eating solid food can be a very difficult task. When your baby starts crawling, it’s a sign to switch your baby from breast feeding to bottle feeding. Here are 5 tips to help you stop breast feeding and start weaning:

1. Eliminate pumping session each three to four days

To reduce the feeding session time, give your baby bottle milk or something else to eat whenever they are hungry. To stop your kids from breast feeding, eliminate pumping session each three to four days. Sometimes babies won’t give up breast feeding because they don’t want to give up the attachment they have with their mother. Because of this, make sure not to reduce the sessions too fast.

2. Do not bind your breasts

To stop breast feeding, slowing down the milk production process in the breastsis also very important because whenever breasts get filled with milk it hurts unless the mothers feeds the baby. To get rid of this, some women bind their breasts. This is an outdated practice and may also lead to breast infection. Hence, women should wear comfortable cotton bra.

3. Figure out your baby’s taste buds

Every time your baby is hungry, give him/her something to eat to figure out your baby’s taste buds. That is the best exercise mothers should do to stop breast feeding. Find out if your baby like sweet, sour or salty food. Next time whenever he/she is hungry give your baby the food according to his/her taste buds so that they get used to chewing food and stop breast feeding.

4. Create a sleeping routine

Give your baby a big dinner before putting him/her to bed to avoid mid night feeding. Change his/her diapers and make sure that your baby is warm and comfortable when you put him to bed. Create a sleeping routine is essential if you want to stop breast feeding because your baby will find the need to eat something in shorter interval of time if they stay up. That is why your baby should get minimum 8 hours of sleep every night.

5. Have patience

Do not rush into stopping your baby from breast feeding. Do it gradually to make sure that you give baby the food that is easy to digest and healthy.

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