Bollywood male celebrities who went for hair transplants


Bollywood male celebrities have been suffering the hair loss quite since long time. Hair loss is not only common among the male celebs of Hindi film industry but also is much common among the common masses as well. Every other male rather we can say every male suffers this big problem. There is hardly any solution or cure for the hair loss in males, which is why the males around the world are much worried about this mammoth problem.


The personality gets damaged with the falling of hair. Your look drastically gets changed and the beauty goes far away. You start looking old all at once though you are young. Well, in a capsule, hair loss is a big damaging problem. In celebrities, it is seen quite often.


What Causes Hair Fall in Celebrities?


Male celebrities are no stranger to hair fall. Although they eat healthy food and do workouts and many other things to be active, good looking and healthier, but they cannot stay away from the hair fall at all. There are many causes which make their hair start falling. Excessive workouts in gym are the big problem. As they have to look young with maintained muscular body, they are required to spend long hours in gym. This is the major cause for the hair loss in male celebrities. Other big problem is the hectic work schedules. Due to constantly work for long hours, they become the victim to hair fall. Stress and sleep disorders are other main factors which cause the hair loss in celebrities.


Using chemicals on hair constantly too is the cause of hair falling. Besides when they show heat to their hair like through hair drying, they stumble upon falling of hair.


In this piece of writing, you will learn about those Bollywood males who have got their hair transplants in order to stay in the industry. Read on and enjoy the article.


salman khan-baldness


Salman Khan


Bollywood’s macho man and Dabangg star Salman Khan has got his hair transplanted many years back when he stared getting bald and the baldness began happening speedily on his head. Since the actor was in demand, he knew his career had still long way to go he chose to go for hair transplant. Reportedly he went to Dubai for the hair transplant procedure to be done. His transplant was done brilliantly and the result you can see – the hair style looks eye-catchy and stylish. Today he is rated as the super dashing star with big stardom.




Sanjay Dutt


Another macho man of Hindi cinema Sanjay Dutt too was suffering badly. His tresses too were starting going away from his hair. Had he not gone for the hair transplant, his film career would have ended. He chose to have the medical surgery (transplant) and today he enjoys his stardom with dashing looks and macho personality.




Himesh Reshammiya


Himesh Reshammiya was under the caps till few years back until he went for the hair transplant. The caps became his trademark and he started getting to be known with his caps. He used the caps to hide the baldness but it turned out to be a fashion among his fans. People started following the singer-musician and the fashion got super strengthened. Well, by the time he began getting acting offers, he realized to have hair transplant. Once he had it, his looks changed to most smart avatar – silky long hair which he loves to flaunt off.


aditya pancholi baldness


Aditya Pancholi


Aditya Pancholi, the actor who was much in demand in 90s era, suffered hair loss and the bald patches began happening vividly on his head. The actor then took the advantage of the sophistication and progress of medical science by going for hair transplants. Today you can see his look post the hair tranpalnts. He looks simply awesome.


govinda baldness




80s and 90s biggest star, the dancing and comedy sensation, Govinda preferred to go for hair transplant to going bald. Once he began to know about his baldness, he did not waste any time and took the route to hair transplant. We used to see him putting his hair on his forehead to hide his baldness and today he does not have to at all.


abhijeet-bhattacharya hair transplant


Abhijeet Bhattacharya


The famed Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya too could not help taking the advantage of this media progress to overcome his baldness.


Well, there is no harm at all in going for hair transplant procedure if you suffer the baldness. Why to damage your personality with bald patches on head? Rather undergo the surgery and become a good looking man.

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