Salmans birthday shrouded in despondency

While Birthday Boy Salman Khan remained cheerful and ebullient all through the evening before his birthday on Thursday, his family and friends lost the spirit of celebration once the court summons was served to Salman hours before his birthday.

The party spirit dissipated thereafter. While Salman remained cheerful, his family did not feel like celebrating at all.

Says a source close to the Khan family, "In fact no one was finally invited. Whoever turned up did so on their own. It was just close family friends like Sajid Nadiadwala, David Dhawan and Rumi Jaffery who showed up to wish Salman. No invitations were sent out. How could they, when everyone knew Salman had to be on court on his birthday the next morning at 11 am?"

In fact Salman was against a birthday party, to begin with.

Says a source close to the Khan family, "Salman felt it wouldn't be appropriate to celebrate at a time when that poor gang rape victim in Delhi was battling for her life. Only close friends were going to be invited. Even that changed after the courts summons. The idea of hosting a party was dropped. So that the people who dropped in did so uninvited."

Angry about the courts summon, Rumi Jaffery who was at Salman's Galaxy Apartments residence on the night before the star's birthday, hit out at the sheer injustice of it. "We all respect the law. But look at the timing of the courts summon. Why something like this on his birthday? Couldn't it have been a day earlier or later? Everyone knows its Salman's birthday on December 27. Why ask him to attend court on a day when his fans would like to reach out to him, wish him, see him on television? Why take away from the joy of the special day?"

Rumi feels Salman's life and career are a casualty of jealousy. "I am a hundred percent certain it was Salman's rivals who provoked the courts summon on his birthday. We lost our excitement about his birthday. But he was fine. He kept everyone's spirits high. Strange, in country where there are so many serious crimes, a ten-year old hit-and-run case should evoke such enthusiasm. I feel it's not about just justice. It's also about getting someone as successful as Salman into a sticky situation. But Salman was unperturbed. He had more fun than all of us put together."

Another close friend of Salman reveals, "Salman isn't worried about the outcome of the case. His only concern is, his family members may end up saying something politically incorrect. He has told his family to not speak about the case."

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