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This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

As she basks within the achievement of Race 2, Jacqueline Fernandez talks about why she loves performing sequels

It is simple to neglect that the owner from the `Best Legs in Bollywood’, is as intelligent as she is stunning. From becoming the host of a tv news show and winning a international beauty pageant to studying international relations and carving a niche for herself in Bollywood — Jacqueline Fernandez has usually been an over-achiever.

Murder 2, Housefull 2 and now Race 2. You have virtually turn out to be the Queen of Sequels! Was this a deliberate option?
A effective Queen of Sequels! It is been the season for sequels in Bollywood. Sequels have usually had an audience due to their effective initial components. Coincidentally, about the time when I was launched, I was obtaining sequel provides left, correct and centre. But these 3 had been the ones that I consciously chose. I enjoyed their initial instalments and they had great directors, great production homes backing them and obviously fantastic co-actors!

What concerning the encounter of operating with a lot of stars in Race 2?
Be it Saif, Deepika, or Anil Kapoor — there was a lot to discover and share. It was a really advantageous atmosphere for me.

Following 5 films, do you lastly really feel you belong right here?
There wasn’t a time that I felt I was not a part of the business.

Then why are we seeing so small of you in films?
It is a part of my choice to complete great function and be related with meaningful films. Even when these possibilities do not come along frequently — I’d rather wait for them. It is truly only simply because I wish to be a part of function that I can appear back on and be pleased with. So, that is the type of danger I’m prepared to take.

What’s the 1 function you’d jump at if it had been provided to you now?
I’d prefer to do a romantic film. It is some thing I haven’t carried out. I also like comedies — comedy comes fairly naturally to me. So, I’d need to say a romantic comedy. Perhaps with Ranbir… (laughs).

Are you currently pleased within the space you are in correct now?
I’m! I believe I’ve come in to the business at a time when there’s incredible function taking place for everybody — across genres, genders, ages and ethnicities!

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