I am giving serious thought to adopting a village – Ajay Devgn

I am giving serious thought to adopting a village - Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn talks about supporting Earth Hour 2013, training his daughter Nysa to conserve energy and using solar power at home

How did you get associated with WWF-India to pledge support to the Earth Hour 2013, a global campaign to raise awareness and inspire action on climate change?
I was approached to support this initiative around two months ago. When I came to know that this time it is not only about switching off lights for an hour, but also about switching to renewable energy, I was excited to be a part of it.

Have you supported Earth Hour previously?
Absolutely. For the past two years, I have switched off electricity during the Earth Hour. We should not just switch off electricity during the Earth Hour but also make it a habit to conserve energy resources daily.

How did you participate in this year's Earth Hour that was observed last week?
I switched off electricity and lit candles in the house. It is nice to sit in candle light.

How do you conserve energy on a daily basis?
I do it in my own way. For travelling shorter distances, I use smaller, fuel efficient cars.

Have you imparted this awareness to your children, Nysa and Yug?
Yes, they have been trained to switch off lights when not required.

Do you believe that it is important for the next generation to take measures against global warming?
Yes, I don't know how much our generation will be able to contribute, but it is important to train the next generation. If they make it a habit to conserve energy and use renewable source of energy, we won't need to make such a big issue out of it.

What renewable forms of energy do you use?
I have installed solar panels in the garden of my Mumbai house and my farmhouse (in Karjat). Most of the equipments work on solar power. I have invested in a solar park in Gujarat that supplies 25 megawatts of energy to the Gujarat government.

Are there any plans to invest in a solar plant in Maharashtra?
It depends on government policies. Gujarat government has such a policy, now Rajasthan government has also initiated a solar energy policy. We need government support for starting such endeavours. We are definitely available to take things forward.

Do you believe it is possible to use solar energy on the film sets as well?
It is difficult to set up solar panels on film sets because they are huge and require a lot of space. But science is growing and I am sure that the film fraternity will look for a way to conserve energy on the sets as well.

How do you intend to spread awareness about renewable forms of energy?
I am giving serious thought to adopting a village.

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