Deepak Dobriyal recovers from eye injury

On April 11, 2013 while shooting for Annirudh Chautala's film in Rajasthan, the very talented Deepak Dobriyal, the scene-stealer from Omkara, Tanu Weds Manuand Not A Love Story, had the retina, cornea and lens of his left eye pierced in a freak accident.
Deepak and his hysterically anguished wife thought he had lost his vision, and his career for good.

Today two months later Deepak is on the way to recovery. The ruptured eye and the disrupted career are both back on the road to recovery.

Reliving the nightmare, Deepak seems stupefied at the turn of events and amazed that he actually survived. "It was a freak accident, of the kind that we never imagine would happen to us. I was wearing these riding glasses and my co-star's hand accidently hit my eye. The chashma pierced my eye. At that time I didn't know how bad the damage was. But looking at the expression and hearing the sobs of my director and co-star I thought, 'Main to gaya, boss.'

In agonizing pain and bleeding profusely the actor was rushed to a hospital in Jaipur where he was told he would probably never see in one eye.

Deepak's thought was for his wife Lara and his 2-year old son Golu. "I wasn't thinking of myself. But I was thinking of how my wife would react when she saw me like this. I was also worried about how this accident would impact my career."

Luckily for Deepak he is on the way to being healed and can now resume shooting. "The accident that happened was a freak. My reflexes are well-known among my friends. In any sport, be it badminton, cricket or tennis, I am fully alert. How this accident happened is beyond explanation. After hearing that my lens, retina and cornea were shattered I thought I'd never see again in my left eye. But thanks to the doctor in Jaipur Dr Abhishek Kothari who performed the emergency surgeries, today two months later I am able to see light, colours and shapes from the damaged eye. By God's grace I'd be able to get my full vision back."
Deepak is now under the best medical care in Mumbai and ready to resume work.

He has only gratitude to offer to the Gods for saving his life. "It could've been much worse. People who are close to me were more panicky than I was. I had to constantly reassure them that I was doing fine. Friends were afraid to drop in. I told them, 'Arrey kuch nahin hua tu aa toh sahi.' Imagine, I had to keep everyone spirits high while I was recovering from the injury, (laughs)."
The hugely talented actor is ready to regain lost ground. "I am just happy to be alive. God is great."

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