Music Review Ankur Arora Murder Case


A small film based on a real-life murder case with just three songs by three different music directors. What can one expect?


Chirantan Bhatt's 'Aaja Ab Jee Le Zaraa' is a familiar tune that could have wandered in from any Mukesh Bhatt film. The orchestration, tenor and tune are all in that mould, and the lyrics too revisit that genre – yes, the Mukesh-Mahesh Bhatt music is a genre by itself in Hindi cinema today!

Singer Devi Negi sounds like a cross between Sonu Nigam (especially when he raises the pitch) and KK with traces of some of the other singers around! In other words, despite his command over sur, he lacks a distinct vocal timbre. Deepali Athe has less 'audio footage' and passes muster. Kausar Munir, who wrote so well in many recent albums like Nautanki Saala!, Chashme Baddoor and others, strings patent verse here that seems more smart than substantial.

Sunidhi is in routine mode in the Sunny Bawra-Inder Bawra composition 'Tera Aks Hai Jo'. The melody had potential with its old-world tenor but the lingering quotient is spoilt whenever the frenetic beats take over – which is in most of the song. Yes, the interludes sound good, though heard-before, but we would have preferred mellower treatment in synch with the lyrics (Sagar Lahauri) which have some deft lines (Chehre kyoon badalti hai / Saath kyoon na chalti hai / Zindagi tu jalti hai khwaabon se mere) amidst the routine stuff.

Shaan's 'Roshni' with music by Gourov Das Gupta sounds more like a pop song than a film track. The composition, musical treatment and even Shaan's high-octave vocals are at odds with the words. The cluttered and noisy arrangements, including a guest appearance by the sitar, fail to register even after three hearings.


There is nothing really to write home about the score. The two bonus songs used here from the same banner's 1920 – Evil Returns, 'Uska Hi Banana' and 'Javedaan Hai', though average, are actually more impressive!


Tera Aks Hain Jo

Music: Chirantan Bhatt, Sunny & Inder Bawra & Gourov Das Gupta
Lyrics: Kausar Munir, Sagar Lahauri & Suhail Tatari
Music Label: T-Series

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