Vidyut Jammwal goes international

Vidyut Jammwal goes international

100 days after the release of his big ticket film Commando, Vidyut Jammwal has reasons to smile, or for that matter kick and punch harder. International premiere of his action affair has been well received at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal and a couple of concrete offers have come his way too. Meanwhile, he has also been bestowed with the tag of 'sexiest man' seen on screen by avid moviegoers.

"The action in Commando has now made a loud noise amidst viewers internationally as well. For Vidyut, who started off as a villain in Force, it is a big deal indeed to be accepted as a leading man who can perform some never seen before and death defying stunts. The fact that he has managed to build connect with international markets which have been exposed to some world class action is nothing short of fantastic," says a source.

Though out here in India he may have been questioned for his constantly brooding persona, overseas Vidyut has not just managed a tag of 'multi talented' but also noted for – in a reviewer's own words – 'punching, kicking, stabbing, setting traps, swinging on vines, running up walls (or people), leaping off rooftops, cliffs and bridges, over cars or through the windows of their open doors'.

Vidyut, who would soon be seen in Saif Ali Khan's Bullett Raja as a sharp shooter cop, is obviously thrilled with his work getting noticed internationally. He says, "Getting a nod from the international markets has made the industry also stand up and take notice of the kind of action we offer. We can now choreograph sequences that are much bigger and better."

As for the offers coming in from overseas, Vidyut doesn't deny the developments. Though he doesn't name the films for obvious reasons, he gives good enough indication that the pipeline is indeed developing for him.

"There are international directors who have offered some very interesting opportunities. They are looking at redefining action. It is fantastic that they are thinking of me. It works for me too since I definitely want action to be a part of every film that I do," says Vidyut.

Is there something already brewing around Bollywood getting ready for its own action export? Watch this space.

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