If Poonam Pandey was my teacher

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…If Poonam Pandey was my teacher Back in school, most of us were asked to write an essay on topics like 'If I was an animal', 'If I had wings' etc etc. Well, Poonam Pandey seems to have pulled off something similar on twitter with her followers with the trending topic… 'If Poonam Pandey was my teacher'. Needless to say, the answers were hilarious and quirky to say the least

Here are a few creative replies that set our thoughts rolling about 'Madam' Poonam Pandey…

@69quickie: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher I would start a sperm bank from the school.

?@KarenDcosta: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher she would promise to strip if the entire class passed her Subject but then back off.

@princelazlo: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher. I would keep failing in her class till they kick me out of the school :p

@ShivangChauhans: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher she would be also ask boys to strip in front of her when caught looking at her naughty pics

@solankis2012: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher I wd attend all class bt still fail n thn request her 4 pvt tuition, 1 to 1 class wd hv bn fun

@Kryptonyte: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher I would be dropping my pencil all the time and asking her to pick it for me.

@BathManReturns: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher Sunny leone would be the principal of my school.

@gautamverma23: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher I would have asked her to explain me the reproduction chapter again and again with practical.

@RudePunajban: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher Word "stand up" will mean a totally different thing for guys.

@riya043: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher "bahar nikaal k khada kar dungi?" would be a very double meaning question.

@riya043: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher Instead of Moral Science, she'll teach us Oral Science.

@Juuism: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher She would have agreed to come nude to the class if I got cent percent marks.

@gaggycool: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher the class would require atleast 10 monitors to control testerone

@Prakashh031: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher I would have preferred her as a Tutor instead of following her on Twitter 🙂

@rshahsays: #IfPoonamPandeyWasMyTeacher I would keep making mistakes to catch her attention

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