John Day reminds Naseer of James Hadley Chase thrillers

John Day reminds Naseer of James Hadley Chase thrillers

There are many films that promise to be an edge of the seat thrillers. And then there are some that are expected to deliver no less, especially when there are actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Randeep Hooda coming on board. Personalities in their own right, they are also considered to be extremely choosy about their work and hence when the one they come together is John Day, it is expected to be special.

"Well, Naseeruddin Shah and Randeep Hooda have traditionally been known as a 'Guru Shishya jodi'. By pitting them opposite each other in John Day, we were ensured that the sparks would fly; more so since the film has its core in the game of one upmanship being in play. The kind of histrionics in play on the big screen would be engaging enough for the audience," says Ahishor Solomon, the film's director.

As per the film's producers Anjum Rizvi, K. Asif and Aatef Khan, it is the sheer complexity of emotions and the turnaround which happens to the characters in John Day, which is not just engaging but even emotionally scary at times.

Says Ahishor, "Naseeruddin Shah is playing the title role of John Day and my day was made when he said that he didn't just find it catchy and interesting but also reminded him of James Hadley Chase thrillers. We had an interesting script narration session too. I was told that he makes up his mind to work on a film within 10-15 minutes of the narration. Once our sitting extended beyond 30 minutes, I could sense that he was on. He also told me that the script was much more than just a thriller due to its large emotional appeal."

Naseeruddin Shah also liked the hidden message that went as "Badle ki bhaavna har baat ka jawaab nai hoti, aur ye bhaavna aapko wo bana deti hai jiska aap pichaa kar rahey hain".

As for Randeep, there is an interesting story that goes behind his inclusion in the film. Apparently, the part of a nihilist cop that he plays was first offered to Naseeruddin Shah. The veteran actor decided to play the part of John Day instead. However, he was happy to see Randeep stepping in as a cop, more so since he had found his brooding act as a cop in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai quite wonderful.

"So many of us feel that Randeep reminds of Naseeruddin in many ways. Guess to have them both in John Day was destined," smiles Ahishor before signing off.

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