I accepted Horror Story, Because it came from Vikram Bhatt”: Radhika Menon

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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She actually started her career with Vikram Bhatt’s Horror TV Series and landed herself the most crucial part in recent release Horror Story. Radhika Menon, Who is a merit ranker and a diploma holder in Interior Designing goes in conversation with Faisal Saif

Let’s start with your journey so far. 

Life has been a good teacher.Sometimes,when you don’t learn something,the experiences keep repeating themselves.I had read somewhere,life is 10% what you make of it and 90% how you take it.Its true.I am grateful for what life has bestowed on me. 

You being not from a filmy background,what was your struggle period like? 

I was a merit-ranker in school and I had won National and State level merit scholarships.I wanted to take up medicine as a career,but destiny had something else planned for me.I took a Diploma in interior designing from INIFD.In the meantime,I got offers for modelling,I did some assignments,for Lakme beauty salon,Axis bank,Khaitan,Federal bank,Samsung mobile phone and some others,more like a hobby.Acting assignments followed.Frankly speaking,I was never super-driven or very ambitious to make it as an actress.I always wanted to do good work,which would creatively satisfy me,but on my terms.It was fine,if it happened and okay,if it didnt.Its my life,after all,I didnt have to follow a pattern.This kind of thinking kept me grounded. 

How did Horror Story happen? 

I had done the lead role in a mini-series,produced by Vikram Bhatt for Sony entertainmant television.When the casting for Horror Story was on,Mr.Anju Bishnoi,the head of ASA production called me and asked me to audtion for it.I did so and landed the part of ‘Neena’,the most crucial character in the film.Though,I would have loved to debut in a romantic film,I accepted this film,which belonged to the horror genre because it came from a reputed film-maker,Vikram Bhatt. 

Are horror films your favorite genre? 

On the contrary.Horror and action-oriented films are my least favorite genre of films.I love romance and comedy. 

What preparations you underwent for your role? 

Frankly speaking,there was no time to prepare for the role as it all happened fast.Doing the part of ‘Neena’ was a difficult,but,satisfying experience for me.Difficult,because I had a few minor accidents on the sets,and had to be taken to the hospital once,becuse some particle of ambar powder(used to create a dusty look to the set),landed between my contact lens and cornea.I couldn’t shoot for the next four days,because my left eye was bandaged and I looked like a pirate! (laughs). I have never been an accident-prone person,but on the sets of Horror Story,it was another story! My director,Ayush Raina,made sure that one of the male actors always escorted me.(laughs)Doing the stunt sequences in the climax of the film by myself,gave me confidence.I had not played with fire crackers,even during Diwali,but for this film,I had to actually light up a chemical on my palm and run all through the hotel corridors with it. 

How would you choose your film in the future?Script,banner or director? 

Script,banner and the director are equally important.If you sign a film on the basis of a good script and it doesn’t have a strong financial backing,the film may not see the light of day. If the banner is well-known and the script is weak,it may not satisfy you as an actor.A good director can really mold you well. 

What are your future projects you are looking forward to? 

A Hindi feature film with ASA (the same production house) is on the cards. 

Do you think romantic link-ups help in Bollywood? 

Well.it depends whom you are linked with! (laughs) 

Are you single? 

Yes,I am single.So far,so good! (laughs). But,honestly,life is beautiful and even more so,when you have a man who loves you,whom,you love,too. 

What would be Radhika Menon’s fashion statement? 

Being me.Natural,fresh and simple. (smiles)


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