Hema Malinil turns a year older

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Today is a big day for the ever-beautiful Hema Malini. She turns a year older. 65, if we must know.

"Incredible how time flies, no? It seems like just yesterday when my daughters Esha and Ahana were born. Now they are all grown up and with life companions… But I must say I am very lucky with my sons-in-law," Hema exults with an inner happiness.
Interestingly, the younger daughter Ahana is yet to be married to her fiance.

"So what?" counters the birthday girl. "My younger daughter's life companion is as good as my son-in-law. I must say I've been very lucky in finding the right partners for my daughters."

Hemaji brings in her birthday with just the family. "That's the way I like it. This year it's Esha, Ahana and my two sons-in-law. Dharamji is shooting in Chandigarh. But he said he'd try to be here in Mumbai in time for my birthday. And yes, there are my dance pupils. They will also be here for my birthday. They are also part of my extended family. It's a small family. But a happy family."
Any birthday wishes?

"I have everything I ever wanted. Just pray that all my loved ones remain happy and healthy," says the stunner who at one point of her career was considered the only star who could give the Big B a run for his money.

We wish all of India's Dream Girl's dreams come true.

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