Guess Who?

Yet another year, yet another month, yet another mundane Monday, but not yet another Gooooooooood Morning folkies! After the elastic weekend, welcome to the world that charges you up for a week. And this world is the domain to the game that we would like to call as ‘Guess Who’… India’s answer to the world! This week’s celebrity is someone who is, time and again, redefining the term, ‘HOT’. It’s always said that ‘God’ is in the details, but, not for her as, ‘God’ is in her name! Even though she is not ‘that’ Fashionable in real life, she remains the glitzy fashion world’s loss to Bollywood! Even though she has tested many international waters, she still remains the true-blue desi mulgi! Her face is something that has not just launched a million ships, but the radiance of it also acted as a lighthouse to many! To cut a long story short, she is someone who is really here to stay for a long time to come and yes, she is definitely that special someone, for whom, all the stages are set to bestow the Best Debutante Award for this year!

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