Sunny Leone injured on sets of Tina And Lolo

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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Sunny Leone injured on sets of Tina And Lolo

Mishaps on film sets are a common occurrence. However if a film's lead star gets injured, everything comes to a standstill. The same transpired on the sets of Tina And Lolo when Sunny Leone fell in agony clutching her sides.

Tina And Lolo being an out and out action film requires both female stars, Sunny Leone and Karishma Tanna to indulge in some heavy duty stunts and one such stunt went wrong on early Thursday morning. The sequence in question required both the girls to jump over a car onto a bunch of baddies who were shooting at them and take them down. As soon as the director shouted 'Action', the girls were elevated with the help of a harness over the car and onto the gun totting bad guys. Unfortunately, while Sunny managed to take her guy down, she landed awkwardly with her ribs feeling the full force of the action extras knee. Sunny was left writhing on the ground in crunching pain.

The unit quickly carried her to her vanity van and a doctor was summoned on the set. Luckily Sunny escaped with mere bruised ribs and the doctor advised her to refrain from shooting and rest for a few days. But Sunny would have none of it and has been reporting for shoot every day on set in Mumbai.

"It was unfortunate that Sunny got hurt as utmost care is taken with both the girls safety while they are doing action scenes. We all are glad that she wasn't hurt badly and admire the her professionalism. Both girls insist on doing their own stunts and so we take extra precautions with them", said director Devang Dholakia.

Tweeting about the accident Sunny posted, "I am my biggest competitor and am always challenging myself.sometimes I get hurt but thankfully it wasn't too bad.ill be more careful next time. Have a bruised rib and thankfully i will be just fine."

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