Kill The Rapist creates stir crosses 10 lakh views in 10 days

Kill The Rapist creates stir crosses 10 lakh views in 10 days

Will 2014 be yet another year that would see some small films make a big mark? If the response to Kill The Rapist is any indication, this could well be the case, what with a great response to its promo already in place. Released just 10 days back on Nirbhaya's anniversary, the promo has managed to cross the One Million views mark already. With 11 lakh hits already in place, this makes it an average of 1.1 lakh hits per day.

Industry is already looking at this as a remarkable feat indeed, considering the fact that it is a non-star cast affair. The only recognizable face is Anjali Patil (of Chakravyuh fame) and she too didn't quite get a star launch by Prakash Jha. Now with director Sanjay Chhel bringing her on board for Kill The Rapist, the film has managed to make its presence felt without the core issue being sensationalized.

What has worked though is the marketing campaign by producer Siddhartha M. Jain who has devised the film's climax as per the call of the 'aam junta'. It is the audience who is deciding via an online and SMS campaign on whether a rapist should be killed or not after the heinous crime.

While the campaign is on till the end of January, early indications from the poll suggest that over 93% want the rapist to be killed, which makes it almost certain that this is how the climax of Kill The Rapist would unfold.

"It is also a clear indication of the kind of unrest which is there amongst the 'aam junta'," says Siddhartha who is obviously thrilled with the kind of response that his film's promo, concept and campaign has generated, "What I am also surprised about is that there are still around 7% people who want leniency on the rapists. Nevertheless, the campaign is still on and it is finding an energy going for it on its own than any overtly designed media effort. This is what happens when 'aam aadmi' takes it to the streets. We recently saw it in politics and now Kill The Rapist would be an epitome of that in the world of films."

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