Biggest challenge was to look really shapeless all the time – Parineeti

Biggest challenge was to look really shapeless all the time - Parineeti

From playing one of the four ladies in Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl to winning appreciation as well as earning commercial success with two back to back solo heroine films (Ishaqzaade, Shuddh Desi Romance), Parineeti has seen good enough rise in fortunes over last couple of years. Now with Hasee Toh Phasee carrying promising reports, all eyes are on Parineeti to deliver all over again.

Three releases, three successes and now a fourth in the making. You must be feeling quite confident of your placement in the industry, isn't it?
No, not at all, not for now at the least (smiles). I always say that my aim is to become the best actress that I can be. Any director who casts me should not have any doubt about me. So if they give me a role, they should be 200% confident that I can do that with perfection. Once that happens, I could possibly say I am doing something absolutely right.

Now Hasee Toh Phasee appears to be yet another romcom that is basically aimed at youth.
It is going to be a lot of fun for sure! From the very moment I read the script, I was laughing throughout. At that time, I was hoping that the film works in entirety beyond the script and then on to screen as well. Thankfully that has happened. It is a very happy and sweet film. It also depicts life in a way which is natural. Other than humor, there is a little bit of drama too but that won't disappoint you either.

Guess you are making your choices well in terms of picking films with good entertainment quotient.
See, films are made primarily for entertainment. They are not meant to be thought provoking or come with an agenda or message. As an actor, I have picked up those films that I want to watch. Yes, in case of Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl I didn't have much of a choice as I was just glad to be starting and the makers trusted me to deliver. With Ishaqzaade, it was such a new kind of film; it was a brilliant role. What added on to that was that while actors take so many films to be noticed, Ishaqzaade gave me a huge platform so much earlier on. Then for Shuddh Desi Romance, I wanted to work with Maneesh (Sharma) again. Overall, when I select a film, I see who the director is, what's the story and what's my role in it.

Playing a mad scientist would have required some preparation from you though, right?
I had to go through workshops and preparations since it is not a normal song and dance film. I had to change the entire body language to look a little mad. For 15 days (director) Vinil and I worked together in these workshops and then Sidharth (Malhotra) joined in as well. We did a few scenes together and were set for the film when the shooting began. The biggest challenge was to look really shapeless all the time. Of course that was right for the character because if I would have looked absolutely pretty then it wouldn't have worked for the part of a mad scientist.

In your fourth film, you have a fourth new co-star in the form of Sidharth. That must have been fun.
Oh yeah (smiles). Sid is a completely different personality from me. I am quite enthusiastic all the time whereas he is slightly introverted, calm and composed. That proved to be a positive impact on me. So if I got tensed or stressed out, he would just talk to me for five minutes and calm me down. He had such kind of impact not just on me but everyone else.

Since he has worked in only one film (Student of the Year) so far, how was it to be his senior on the sets?
Arrey nahi, aisa kuch nahi tha! He too is a senior in his own right. He may have done one film as an actor but then he has done a lot of other work in the glamour industry. He has been an Assistant Director and also a model. Moreover, he is a very intelligent man; he picks up things really fast.

How are you picking up things in the industry? After all, all eyes are on you to deliver consistently so that there are more reliable and saleable leading ladies around.
For starters, I really don't want to be boxed in any particular image or kind of roles. I don't want to put any limitations on myself as an actor. This is the reason why I have never made any statements that 'I won't kiss on screen' or 'I won't wear a bikini for a film'. It doesn't work this way. If I have to be an actress, I need to be open enough for whatever a role demands. If I find the aesthetics right, I will go for it.

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