Mumbai CCL team parties even after losing

The Mumbai CCL team lost its match against the Kochi team in Hyderabad yesterday but they still partied hard all night on Saturday.

According to an eyewitness, "The entire Mumbai team was in Sohail Khan's hotel room from 11 pm to 6 AM. Huma Qureshi, Chitrangda and Priya Mani also joined them. Raucous sounds of merry-making were heard all night all across the hotel corridors."

Apparently, the Mumbai revelers in Hyderabad had to be told to stop the noise as it was disturbing the other hotel guests.

Says a member of Kochi team, "We won. But the Mumbai team partied. We were too embarrassed by what happened on flight to party."

According to this eyewitness here's what happened on the Kochi-Hyderabad flight. "The plane began its run for takeoff when the airhostess did her usual emergency drill. The Kochi team was in a playful mood. They all clapped when the airhostess did her thing. One of the team members even cracked a joke in Malayali. The air hostess complained to the captain who stopped the plane and asked the boys to disembark. The team had no choice but to get down. The thing is, the Mumbai team gets away with a lot more noisy behaviour in flight because they're recognizable faces. However no one from the Kochi team is recognizable. They were therefore treated as nothing more than disruptive elements on flight."

Apparently the Kochi team has now sued the airline for being asked to disembark.

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