A co-star doesnt matter – Sarah-Jane Dias

After gaining good appreciation in the role of a prostitute in Game, Sarah-Jane Dias ignited some heat in adult-comedy Kya Super Kool Hain Hum. Now as a media personality in O Teri, she would be seen in an altogether different avtar.

Kya Super Kool Hain Hum released almost two years back. Was that too long a waiting period for you to be seen on the big screen?
Not really. It may have been the case had I not been working. However, I was doing something or the other, be it for a campaign or on the ramp. There was some sort of visibility all through. Press and media have been nice to provide me all around coverage. It is good to be spoken about and in that aspect, honestly I never felt the pressure of being out of sight.

One would have expected you to get further aggressive though after a good success like Kya Super Kool Hain Hum.
My selection of films has been based on opportunities I get. It is easy for people to say that 'Oh, I select a film based on script'. But then, in reality, a lot more goes behind the scenes. You have to consider the director and see whether can you commit to a project. You have to be careful whether it is a correct move or not. A right or wrong move can change from month to month and not year to year. For someone like me, who is not from a filmy background, I have to make my own choices and then deal with the consequences.

So, did you start getting similar adult comedy films in succession?
I got a variety of offers and as you can see, O Teri is not an adult comedy. I have got an opportunity to play three completely different characters. So while in Game, I played a prostitute, in Kya Super Kool Hain Hum I was being this hottie spoilt brat. Now in O Teri, I am playing the head of a news channel. It is a very corporate role and I am glad that directors can see me doing different films.

Since you are playing a media personality in the film, was there any particular reference point for you?
I didn't have a particular reference point and basically learnt from online videos featuring reporters. I tried to understand their lingo and body language or things like how would you would deal with situations at the workplace. I don't want to glorify and say that I did some hardcore research but then I did work on the behavioral aspect.

And how about the quintessential 'naach gaana' stuff? Didn't you miss that as a leading lady?
Since I am playing this corporate girl, obviously there cannot be much naachgaana around (smiles). I did shoot a love song though. Every film is different and in O Teri, there was no room for dance.

The film has Pulkit Samrat as your leading man. The pairing is unique in many ways, isn't it?
But then honestly, our love story is not the focus of the film. Focus is on these two boys (the other being Bilal Amrohi) who get involved in a political scam.

When Pulkit's Fukrey turned out to be a success, did it further make you confident of the pairing?
I don't pick my films based on a co-star. It eventually boils down to the script and your role; then your co-star doesn't matter. My success and failure doesn't depend on anyone else's success. I work as per best of my capacity.

The film is produced by Atul Agnihotri. From working with Ekta Kapoor to Farhan Akhtar and now Atul, how has it all turned out to be?
He has been very accommodating and that is very important. I was always made to feel that yeh tumhaari bhi film hai. It was not like ki kaam kiya aur uske baad tata bye bye!

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