What Jal taught us

What Jal taught us

Jal released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

– That at some parts of the country water is so precious that an entire village with men as well as women would guard their wells and kill anyone and everyone who comes near it, let alone have a sip from it

– That even in the remotest depths of the desert region, there are 'English madam waali blue films' available for 'bachche, boodhe aur jawaan' to cherish and relish

– That certain interiors are far more forward than cosmopolitan cities, what with entire village coming to the doorsteps of a newlywed couple and enquiring them about their first night in a blatantly manner

– That a man can be hailed as a Rain God and then also be ridiculed as a bluff in the same stage and set up, that too not in separate sequences but in the same scene

– That a man can find water under earth with the help of two thin rods by rotating them mysteriously in air

– That a villager, after turning rich for a day, would suddenly emerge out of his hut wearing a trendy T-Shirt and Jeans, only to get back into ethnic Gujarati wear in a matter of hours

– That a villager would come up with some hotchpotch of a plan to make his wife wear 'gold over nothing' by stealing it from rest of the village

– That there are environmentalists from the West out there who would care more for the lives of migrant birds than inhabitant human beings in the Rann of Kutch

– That in the name of art house cinema, there can be long boring endless wide canvas shots of deserts filling up most part of the film's narrative

– That in the name of cost cutting, an entire village with at least 50-60 inhabitants would be shown with barely 4-5 hutments

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