10 things Hate Story 2 taught us

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…10 things Hate Story 2 taught usHate Story 2 released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

Note: A few of these could be Spoilers

1. A villain may beat the pulp out of his mistress but won't kill her straight. Instead, he would put her in a coffin, hence giving her another chance to come back from the dead and take revenge

2. The mistress would be in a half dead state and doctors would term her condition as serious enough to have damaged her brain. Still, she would go on a revenge spree with no discomfort whatsoever.

3. Before that she would escape undetected from a moving bus with a micro-second efficiency. The adage of 'aasmaan khaa gaya yaa zameen nigal gayi' proved true here.

4. Another age old adage of 'chappa chappa chaan maaro' won't be followed by the cops as they would conveniently ignore searching the roof for the missing girl, who can hide there for an entire night

5. That would prove costly because on her escape, she would find innovative ways of killing her tormentors with injections, forced inhaling of gas, burning them alive with their feet stuck in a crashed car that works!

6. Wait! She crashes the car by actually coming right in front of it. What made her believe that these drunken baddies won't ride their car over her?

7. Just before this car crash though, the makers can make life of these baddies worthy enough by getting ultra creative and plugging in a Sunny Leone song for them to relish and cherish before they die

8. Since this is Bollywood, cops can come at a crime scene, see a rotting 'laash' tied on a chair, but would still walk away by only arresting the suspect. The 'laash' behind can rot further

9. The 'laash' would still have some company along with the heroine enjoying an Arijit Singh romantic number in the background even as ghost of the hero makes that special appearance.

10. Meanwhile the baddie, who is supposedly this high-profile politician, won't install a CCTV in his sprawling bungalow even when his life is in danger. He would rely on the services of a solitary cop manning it all

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