Roar to feature VFX on par with Hollywood films

When filmmakers Abis Rizvi and Kamal Sadanah embarked on the journey to make Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans, their objective was to give the audience a taste of action, drama and thrill of the amazing Sundarbans and the majestic tigers in the best possible way. For this, they roped in Anibrain, one of Asia's leading VFX agencies, famous for their work in Hollywood films like The Amazing Spiderman, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Ghost Rider and Resident Evil among others.

The journey has been long and arduous. From using dogs for the initial test shoots to testing scenes with CG (Computer generated) tigers, Roar brings world-class techniques to the Indian audience for the first time. Says producer Abis Rizvi, "When the CGI tiger was created, we wanted to ensure that it was as close to reality as possible. We have replicated every aspect of the Sundarbans tiger, right down to each muscle that moves when it walks. We collaborated with Anibrain to convert our vision into reality, and after seeing the end result, we are sure the audience is going to love it as well."

Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans, produced by Abis Rizvi, is slated for release on October 31.

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