PK Inches closer to Waar

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

PK Inches closer to WaarAamir Khan, any movie attached to that name bound to do excellent at box office. So it was obvious and expected that his new movie PK to do well but what was perhaps not anticipated was the severity of its success.

As PK earns over INR600 crore and breaks the record of Dhoom 3 (another Aamir Khan’s movie) which had earned slightly over INR540 crore, has become the highest worldwide Bollywood grosser movie of all time.

Hassaan Rizvi Marketing Manager from Distributor Club (PVT) Ltd says; ”PK has made over Rs18 crore in Pakistan and continues to attract movie-goers. It will be in cinemas until the end of January so I’m sure it will make a lot more.” He futher added; “The movie thrives because it entails a strong message, and of course because of Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani.”

Waar’s record revenue of Rs.22 crore is about to break by PK’s box office revenue in Pakistan. By Jan 6, PK had made practically Rs15 crore and has succeeded to cross Rs18 crore in a matter of only four days. It is probable that the movie’s momentum is going solid and strong and Aamir Khan’s portrayal of an idiosyncratic alien addressing deep-rooted social problems will keep the house full in coming days.

As PK will remain in Pakistani Cinema for at least three more weeks and it is predicted that it will also break Dhoom 3 colossal business of Rs.24.5 crore soon in Pakistan.

The overall production cost of the PK is estimated around INR100 crore and the film has already made a profit of around 205 percent for the producers Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar HiraniAamir Khan has proven again and again that he is the real box office king as he started the trend of INR100 crore with Ghajini, broke it by collecting in INR200 crore with 3 Idiots and now surpassed all expectations by fetching INR300 crore with PK.

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