Daily Nation Mirror Suspended By Security Agents From Circulating

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

The Editor-in-Chief for The Nation Mirror, Mr. Wol Deng Atak says that he has been summoned to appear at the security headquarters in Juba to be briefed on why the paper had been suspended.

 “My paper is being prevented to operate for the second time. The reason behind that was not known to anybody including myself.  I was not told of the mistake I might have committed. Instead they said that unless I appear in their office then I will be informed, however, currently I am in Nairobi, Kenya.”

Wol Den explains the ordeal that took place in the office last week Thursday.

“The security stormed the office on Thursday instructing the officials never to produce any copies as of Friday. They only said that this was instructions from above and must be abided by,” Atak added. 

Last month on December 16, security seized the newspaper not to circulate in the market for having a leading story covering the follow up of the SPLM in Oppositions’ conference in Pagak, Upper Nile State.

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