Gautam Gulati is the “winner” of Bigg Boss!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Twitter is abuzz with talks about Bigg Boss Season 8 being fixed to make Gautam Gulati the winner. And the buzz is surreal.

In the initial episodes of the ‘reality’ show, megastar host Salman Khan feigned ignorance about knowing contestant Gautam Gulati’s true nature. When all other contestants found Gautam negative, Salman declared him a ‘hero’ on the show.

In the following weeks, Gautam continued to take center-stage in many-a-task on Bigg Boss. He even had a particular task entirely dedicated to him, where Bigg Boss made him play a ‘dictator’ and boss around all the other contestants for two days.

Soon, people discovered a shocking truth with old pictures found on Facebook and Google depicting that Salman and Gautam knew each other since 2010. Now many on Twitter presume that the show has projected him in this way with a preset agenda to make him the winner.

There are umpteen posts on social media claiming the show is fixed for Gautam. In a week, we will get to know whether this is true or not.

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