Will Sambhavna Seth face EVICTION for violence on Bigg Boss?

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Will Sambhavna Seth face EVICTION for violence on Bigg Boss?

Clearly showing an aggressive streak, Rahul Mahajan’s sister-friend Sambhavna Seth planted a slap on his estranged wife Dimpy Mahajan’s cheek during a heated argument on Bigg Boss Halla Bol, a week before the reality show’s Grand Finale.

Screaming that Dimpy was “faking love” for Rahul on the show inspite of the couple going through a divorce procedure outside, Sambhavna called her “a dirty woman who keeps on barking”.

The slap has raised speculations whether the hot-headed Sambhavna will face an eviction for violence, which is a taboo on the show. But Rahul Mahajan’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar, who has also handled the media for Sambhavna earlier, thinks it is highly unlikely Sambhavna will be shown the door.

“Bigg Boss has been lenient to contestants when it comes to such aggressiveness this season. Puneet Issar was excused and kept on the show when he strangulated and flipped Aarya Babbar to the ground,” recalls Dale who also handled the publicity for Aarya.

“Moreover, this was an extremely light slap, almost like a slight push on the cheek, and I doubt if it can be considered as violence,” the PR expert points out. Coincidentally, the Bollywood PR guru also handles media for Sonali Raut, who planted the first real slap on Bigg Boss ever.

Sonali had tightly slapped Ali Quli Mirza when she learnt that Ali had uttered derogatory words for her behind her back. Sonali stood by her gesture on the show, while Dale justified her slap in the media outside. She too had escaped eviction with a punishment of being nominated till the end of the show.”

However, the public relations expert hopes that things would be sorted between Sambhavna and Dimpy. “Rahul, Sam and Dimpy are all very nice at heart. It is only the situation that has thrown them into this ugly uneasiness.”

“Sam was with Rahul in Bigg Boss Season 2, and also a part of the reality show where he married Dimpy. He is awkwardly squeezed between the ladies in this war of words and would surely be wishing, they sort it out,” says Dale.

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