Celebrity campaigns and open letters – For Bollywood it is My Choice

Celebrity campaigns and open letters - For Bollywood it is My Choice

Last few months have pretty much seen a plethora of 'Open Letters' as well as 'Voiced campaigns'. From Deepika Padukone and Shenaz Treasury, anyone who had a point of view to reach out to a larger section of audience, it was the medium of writing an open letter that came in handy.

This isn't all. The entire celebrity brigade has been much more active than ever before on social media when it comes to their voices being heard. Everyone from Salman Khan to Priyanka Chopra to Aamir Khan to Bipasha Basu to Ajay Devgn to Ranveer Singh amongst others had a platform available to express their displeasure on matters related to current affairs or issues in general. So, while some spoke about women security, others hit upon plagiarism. Box office fudging was one topic that interested quite a lot of them while 'Swachch Bharat' campaign saw much endorsement from most in B-Town.

Now very recently, Deepika Padukone has been directed by Homi Adajania in a short film which narrates how a woman has 'her choice' after all to be exercised.

However, the million dollar question remains – 'Does all kind of participation as above, either through an active involvement or an open letter, actually brings about any difference on the ground'?

Says filmmaker Suparn Verma, "There is awareness across the society about the various issues that plague our society. This generation is also the most outspoken and politically aware generation. So, everyone is talking. There is a lot of noise but amidst the chaos there are serious conscientious people with the will to carry on even after the noise has died after a day or two."

Though one hopes this is indeed the case, it doesn't necessarily translate into something substantial in quite a few instances. Women safety is one such issue that continues to show its ugly face time and again, despite being much talked about, especially, in last couple of years.

"I believe it does trigger the brains of at least a few out of who all read it," says Taapsee Pannu, "Even if that happens, it has served some purpose, if not the ultimate target. I read these letters and know that I might not be the one who can make a high level change. But then change at my level, in my thinking and my life is enough to fulfill my moral responsibility."

That indeed is a positive statement from Taapsee, considering the fact that right from Deepika Padukone to Preity Zinta to Shweta Basu to Shenaz Treasurywala have stood up against all odds and made an effort to let their point be heard, even though being challenged by mighty forces. While their 'open letters' have been much discussed and debated, many believe that the momentum deserves to stay on.

Celebrity campaigns and open letters - For Bollywood it is My Choice

Says Shenaz Treasury, "It may die down as people go back to their lives, but that doesn't mean that we should stop speaking up or standing up for what we believe in. The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but those who don't do anything about it."

What definitely matters though is to keep the issue alive, and not let it die down by momentary disappointments of no-show-no-action.

"That's right," agrees Tusshar Kapoor, "I agree that there is always a danger of initiatives dying out. Still, there is one spark with it all usually begins. Indeed, it is a top of the ocean but then it can spread, provided one person keeps the fire burning. When awareness is created for a cause, it does make a difference and sets something in motion. We should not get disheartened." Says Dia Mirza in unison, "Every voice makes a difference. Most countries have overcome issues only by continued debate, active vocalism and persistent attention to a cause. We can't turn ourselves away from our responsibilities."

Still, time and again, one does find the issue to get buried even after it has seen a healthy beginning for itself with plans for continued momentum.

"Honestly, I am ok with some people walking the path even for two days, at least it is a start," says Suparn, who had started a movement after the tragedy of 26/11, "We aren't a complacent citizenry any more. The result of any action takes time to show. So, give it time and don't be so quick to judge."

And how about the charge that is played almost each time around when a celebrity is heard making an endorsement or two around what could possibly be rectified in the world we live in?

"Puhleeze, let's stop questioning the hidden purpose behind these letters or the effectiveness of it on a whole; instead, concentrate on how it actually helps a few individuals who read it and bring the required changes at their level," fires away Taapsee. "Only after you do that, can you actually make sure to have the right to point the finger at the so-called influential people and that too without any guilt at your own personal level."

Well said!

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