SRK and Aamir fight it out in the wrestling ring

The way the birds wait for the morning calm, the breeze waits for the trees’ sway and likes, its quite evident that the creative team of Amul must be eagerly awaiting some or the other Bollywood event to happen so that they can create a punny…sorry… funny one liner out of it, as their bread and butter (quite literally) depends on it. The latest one from the stable of the scoopy Amul is that of the famously infamous war of words between the two Khans of Bollywood: Aamir and Shah Rukh! From the recent past media coverage, it’s quite evident that the two Khans are indeed at loggerheads with each other. And who better than the Amul guys can do full justice to this! And this is exactly what forms the subject matter of the current edition of the ‘Amul-toons’ (as we would like to call it). It has got the likes of SRK and Aamir (with his Ghajini-fied torso) face to face with each other with the tagline saying ‘Grudge-ini’. It also has a baseline that says ‘Amul: No.1 Khana’. The Amul who seems to be the referee in the ring where the two Khans are fighting, doesn’t really seem very happy with the scene. Maybe she represents the reactions of Bollywood fans who may not be too pleased with their favourite stars fighting it out in the media like this. Whatever be the case, we are all for Amul and its buttering ways in Bollywood! Way to go, Amul!

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