Munindra Guptas Nidhivan moment

Bollywood has witnessed many spooky and horror tales that are hair raising and scary. In the debutant director Munindra Gupta's upcoming film NH 8- Road Nidhivan, he has tried to tell the audiences about his experience while shooting in the jungle of Nidhivan.
There is a very mysterious tale that's associated with this jungle. And the tale is that, after sunset, no human can stay back in the jungle of Nidhivan, as it is said that Lord Krishna and Radha appear in the night to perform their 'Raas- Leela' out there. And if anyone tries to see and find out about this activity, then that person either becomes insane or dies.

It was the first day of the shoot when Munindra, alongwith the crew members (Auroshikha Dey, Ravneet Kaur, Satyakaam Anand, Arjun Fauzdar and Swaroopa Ghosh) had reported on the sets. No sooner did Munindra called the first shot, the lights went off! Initially, they thought that it was a technical problem. But, when it started repeating itself, the team began to get scared.

Still, despite all the odds, Munindra Gupta and his team didn't give up. And, finally, they successfully shot the scene that very night.
Speaking about the incident, Munindra said, "Yes, this went on for at least 15 times whenever I called for the shot. But, since we were there to shoot, we tried our level best, shot the scene and left."

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