8X10 Tasveer’s much guarded suspense revealed!

A famous saying goes as ‘We all live in suspense from day to day and that we are the hero of our own story’. Well, most of Bollywood’s potboilers have a major suspense element involved in it. One can credit the success of this genre majorly to the likes of Abbas Mustan and gang. The latest movie that’s doing the rounds with its suspense element intact is the Akshay Kumar-Ayesha Takia starrer 8 X 10 Tasveer, that’s being directed by the talented Nagesh Kukunoor. Rumours have already started doing the rounds regarding the ‘unveiling’ (read ‘spoiling’) of the film’s much-guarded suspense.

Till, now, what has been known of the film is that Akshay Kumar, who plays the role of plays a Forest Ranger called Jai Puri, possesses supernatural powers. And how a personal tragedy ‘leads’ him to use his unique supernatural power to unravel the mystery behind the murder. Rumours have it that the film has Akshay Kumar in a double role, of which one is a sincere Forest Officer, while the other is the villain. Since both of them get separated at birth, this fact remains unknown to both of them. While their mother is played by Sharmila Tagore, their father is portrayed by the versatile Benjamin Gilani. The actual story unfolds when Gilani dies and the subconscious of the ‘hero’ Akshay becomes restless, after seeing his father’s photograph, that’s of the size ‘8 X 10’, thus forming the film’s title 8 X 10 Tasveer. Since he is blessed with supernatural powers, he becomes dead sure that his father was murdered and that he just did not die a natural death. Sharmila Tagore tries her level best to convince him that his father died a natural death since she was besides him when he died. But the subconscious in Akshay refuses to agree or believe a word of this. After all the high voltage drama, comes the revelation (courtesy the ‘good’ Akshay) that his father was indeed murdered by the ‘villain’ Akshay. Now whether this is true or a rumour, only time will tell.

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