Kangna Ranaut reveals that she was an unwanted girl child

This year's Women's Day has been special in many ways than one. This year saw many a woman speaking (some 'pouring it out') their hearts out. Bollywood's reigning 'queen' Kangna Ranaut was no different.

In a recent event, Kangna spoke (read 'revealed') that her parents had a son named Hero before Rangoli (her sister), who passed away within 10 days of his birth and her parents couldn't emerge from the loss. She added that, when she was born, her parents (esp. her mother) wasn't able to come to terms with the fact that they had another baby girl. This led to her parents repeatedly telling to either a guest or at a gathering that she was the unwanted child. A visibly painful Kangna also said that it was indeed extremely hard to be constantly reminded that she was someone who was 'not meant' to be in this world. This was also the reason as to why she refused to accept the 'societal fact' that boys were more important than girls, thus leading her to have certain discomfort during her growing up years.

In the same event, she also quoted a line from fellow actress Kalki Koechlin, stating that the women folks feel as human as a man, they were no different and that they have the same flesh and blood and their challenges were just the same. They also want to make their own mistake as any man does.
Way to go, Kangna.

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